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We chase perfection
through iteration and
seek solutions through

We approach each project with deep understanding and flexible thinking while acquiring close collaboration with everyone involved and timely response to changes.



Understanding the context is the first essential step of our work process.

There is no universal way to approach all projects. Each is unique and requires a unique sequence of action. This is why we consider this as the first and most crucial step of the process. We really dig deep in order to understand each project's unique needs and specifications. It all starts when you fill out the detailed “Work with us” form.
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Proposing an approach based on our research, your needs and expectations.

From the very beginning, we involve you and your team in the process. Understanding the specific needs of your project helps us identify and propose the right approach that works for both sides. We consider important factors such as the specific context of the project, your expectations about the whole process, the budget, the outcome, and more.


Validating the proposal to see if we are a match.

In the basis of agile methodology lays a tight collaboration between your team and ours. This collaboration happens throughout the whole project development. So at this phase, we’ll conduct a quick sprint to discuss the suggested proposal, figure out if our thinking and company philosophies match, and hopefully, if we’re both on the same page - move on to the actual work.
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Agile methodologies in action.

The agile methodology, in its essence, suggests close collaboration, constant learning, and timely adaptation to the changes in the plan. The methodology embraces the sprint method of working which we’ve deployed in our workflow. The whole process is broken down into steps with high focus on certain points and strict plans for action.
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Doing the hard work while showing good progress on a weekly basis.

The hard work starts with sprint planning. If everything has gone well, at this point we’d have a plan for action and start working according to it. The agile methodology requires early and continuous delivery - during this phase, we would usually show good progress on a weekly basis. Of course, we’ll still stay flexible and adapt the plan along the way to the specific needs of your project.


Your project is ready for the world to see.

Project completion.

Voila! The project is finished and complete upon your final approval. Our work on it is over, for now. Good job, everyone!

Ongoing project.

The first version of your project is complete and ready to rise and shine. However, our work continues - we keep developing and maintaining the product, as it evolves.