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Case study

Building Warm Welcome -
The Video Greetings

Video is not the future, it's today.

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The App

Warm Welcome allows you to record greeting videos and email them to clients instantaneously.

Since studies show that landing pages featuring videos convert 80% better than text-only pages, than freshly recorded video welcome messages emailed to your new clients should be the best start of your relationship.

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Warm welcome app img 2

For the front-end we’ve used VueJS. The back-end of the website is built using Laravel.

We used "Laravel Nova" for the Dashboard and Spark for the subscription based payments.

The videos are converted with Amazon Elastic Transcoder and have two outputs -- the video and a GIF for the email message. As an error reporting service we're using SNS (Simple Notification Service) which notifies us if a transcoding fails.

We've also built a Warm Welcome Chrome extension, which connects directly with your Gmail account and allows you to record and email welcome messages directly from Gmail.

We have created WarmWelcome mobile app for iPhone and Android. This way when away from your computer you can still record and email warm welcome messages to your newly subscribed clients.

  • Logo vue
  • Logo laravel
  • Logo elastic
  • Logo chrome
  • Logo app store
  • Logo android

We helped with the design too.

We helped the WarmWelcome team with the application’s designs. Our designer Gery worked with their team on the dashboard designs, the email template designs, video uploading, etc. The designs for all these pages went through several stages of iterations in search for the best possible look and the most user friendly layout.

Warm 1
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How did we communicate?

When we first started work on the project the whole communication was going through our internal communication tool, the Kitchen.

However, as the list of development tasks and the number of people involved in the programming grew, we had to opt out for other PM tools.

The use of these communication and PM tools made communicating around the outstanding and completed tasks more efficient and allowed for a snap view of the overall project progress.

Warm 4
  • Logo slack

    Small fixes and daily discussions were moved to a dedicated Slack channel.

  • Logo trello

    The project development progress was monitored through Trello boards.

  • Logo zoom

    Weekly meetings have been held on Zoom.


We had 6 colleagues working on the Warm Welcome app, while we were developing the core functionalities.

3 front-end developers, 3 back-end developers, a designer and a project manager. A couple of them are still actively involved in the project and will be working on future updates and bug fixes, if we find any :)

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At the first stage of development MVP (minimum viable product) we included only the most essential pages.

Since then we’ve released several app upgrades and the current version features all the following pages, menus and functionalities:

  • Register and login pages
  • Account settings
  • Dashboard (or to do page)
  • Empty dashboard page - no contacts
  • Upload contacts
  • Edit contacts
  • Upload video // record video
  • Uploading video page
  • Pick a thumbnail page
  • Video script pop-up
  • Email template and email template settings
  • Landing page
  • Profile and team settings page
  • Stats page (result map)
  • Video library
  • Engagements notification email
  • Sidebar extension
  • Uploading email templates etc.
Warm welcome app img 3
Warm welcome app img 4
Warm welcome app image 5
Warm welcome app img 6

Here is what Koko has to say about the development challenges of the Warm Welcome App.