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Case study

GraphicMama - Add Some
Character to Your Visuals

GraphicMama offers high-quality vector cartoon characters presented as sets of different poses and concepts. You can also purchase from them animated puppets for Adobe Character Animator, as well as custom illustration and animation work.

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GraphicMama as e-Commerce Website

The website is an e-commerce platform that sells vector characters, design bundles and custom illustration services and as such we had to design and develop everything from a sales-first point of view.

The checkout process is optimised to the point that you need just three clicks from the home page to get to the order page.

The actual order page is organized in credit batches and the check-out page is integrated with Braintree for a quick and seamless payment completion.

GraphicMama 1

We used Laravel for the development of GraphicMama’s website, the client area and the administration area.

To build the GraphicMama blog we used WordPress. It allows the content creators to easily upload and update their blog articles.

  • Logo laravel
  • Logo wordpress

Our in-house designers worked on the website design.

The hero section went through several iterations, including one with a welcome video, in search of the message and layout that grabs the user’s attention best.

All characters and design resources have been organized in three categories accessible from the very top navigation of the website:

GraphicMama preview 1
Vector Cartoon Characters - this page shows a list of characters’ previews. Each preview comes with a short description, number of poses and the character’s price.
GraphicMama preview 2
Character Animator Puppets -- the previews of the puppets are organised the same way as those of the characters, showing prices in dollars and credits.
GraphicMama preview 3
Design Bundles - the bundles are collections of design elements organised in themes - room backgrounds, patterns, design elements for presentations, etc.
GraphicMama preview 4
Pricing Page - the pricing is presented in credit batches. The more credits you buy, the better price you get. Apart from the credit batches the users can also purchase a single credit or two for downloading individual character poses.
GraphicMama preview 5
Legal Sections - the website features several legal sections, where users can find information about GraphicMama’s licensing, privacy and cookie policies. These are mostly text pages with the legal information being organised in an easy-to-read-through way.
GraphicMama preview 6
The Blog - the GraphicMam blog is powered by WordPress with the main navigation featuring the topics the blog articles are organised in - Free Vectors, Insights, Inspiration, etc. The two most recent articles are placed on top in bigger and more prominent boxes.
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Once the user is logged in he has access to a Dashboard with his purchase and billing history, credit balance and favorite characters.

The users also get access to GraphicMama’s knowledge base. A FAQ-like page that answers a lot of common questions a new or even an experienced user may have - what is GraphicMama and what they can do for you, what are vector characters and what are animated puppets, what happens if I lose my files, etc.

GraphicMama 2

The GraphicMama project managers communicate with their clients via the ticketing system.

We have built a ticket system where all emails sent at are recorded.

We have also implemented filters which allows the PMs to filter out messages by status, who they’ve been assigned to, payment status and latest activity. These filters allow the PMs to get quicker to the client correspondence they’re looking for.

The ticket system allows for a hawk eye view of the correspondence, keeps the messages in order and allows multiple managers to communicate easily with different clients in one place.

GraphicMama tickets 1
GraphicMama tickets 2

The administration panel allows for easy website content support and update.

Along with that it also allows PMs to pull client and sales data for reporting and marketing purposes and to assign gift credits to clients.

GraphicMama 3

Nikolay’s Thank you! to the In-houseTeam.