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Chemstore Compliance -
Hazardous Materials
Management System

Chemstore Compliance is a software for chemical inventory management. It allows you to easily manage and control your organization’s hazardous materials.

Case study
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The Chemstore’s administration is built using Laravel Nova as a base. We custom built a File Manager, as nonе of the existing packages were suitable for the work.

We also created a Kanban style task manager (similar to Trello), allowing the users of the platform to organize their day-to-day tasks.

The front-end is designed by the Chemstore team and coded by our front-end developers.

The layout of the administration panel comes directly from Laravel with few slight modifications applied on our side.

The Risk Management form and the email templates for the system messages, however, were all designed by us.

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The Administration in Details

The Chemstore Compliance system offers a variety of options for the proper management of your chemical inventory. Here is how it’s organized:

  • Client list
    You can see a list of all active clients on the system.
  • Location sites
    You can see a list with the client’s physical storage locations.
  • Chemstore library
    You can see the actual storages - rooms, lockers, shelves, etc.
  • Chemical inventory
    You can see a list of the chemicals stored.
  • Site maps
    You can see maps of the storage sites.
  • Tasks
    You can assign tasks to your team.
  • Risk management
    You can create a risk assessment form and print it out for your staff to read and sign.
  • Users
    You can see a user list with levels of access.
  • Notifications
    You can create notifications about expiring materials.
  • Products
    You can see a list of products offered by Chemstore.
  • CLP
    You can create different types of hazards, which you can then attach to the materials in your store.
  • Courses
    You can see safety and knowledge courses organized by Chemstore that clients’ employees can be signed up for.
  • HR and Training
    You can sign up participants for the Chemstore courses.
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Future System Support

From the start of this project, we knew how serious Chemstore are about the system they wanted us to develop and the long-term perspective they had about our future work together.

They were looking at us as a trusted partner, one that will stay close to them once the system is launched live and will help them keep everything in order and continue working on upgrades and new features.

After the system was built we signed a Technical Support agreement, outlining our responsibilities in relation to the system support and maintenance.


A few words from Naim about his experience with the Chemstore team.