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Case study

Your digital assistant for
R-22 refrigerant replacements.

The Bluon App helps technicians replacing R-22 refrigerant with real time support, HVAC systems data, best practices guides, diagnostic calculators and explainer videos. It’s is the only mobile app that helps technicians in R-22 replacement jobs.

Case 5

TdX 20 is a new blend of refrigerant that is set to replace the R-22.

It took Bluon 5 years of R&D to perfect, test and get approval for their blend. TdX 20 is much more efficient, it saves energy and works at lower pressure and temperature.

Bluon 1

We built the Bluon mobile application with React Native

We used React Native for three main reasons:

  • Excellent running speed;
  • Single codebase that allows faster development and easier maintenance.
  • Quicker to develop, grow and maintain the application

We also built the Bluon website. The first version was built with WordPress, however, as the project grew, we decided to move to Laravel powered back-end which is more robust than WordPress. This will also allow us to add custom payments written in modern PHP code.

While migrating to Laravel, we had to create a script to transfer all the users, with their password to the new setup. WordPress is now used only for the presentation front-end site and all the client information/logic is in Laravel.

  • Logo wordpress
  • Logo laravel
  • Logo app store
  • Logo android

We started working on the application in January 2018. It took us a couple of months to prepare the first working versions and launch it on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Since then we’ve released several app upgrades and the current version features all the following pages, menus and functionalities:

This is the full set of application features at the time of writing of this case study (January 2020):


Equipment Database

The application features the only database of every HVAC-R system in North America, including detailed R-22 replacement instructions.

  • 17,000+ HVAC-R Units
    You can easily find the system you're working on. The user has to just sort by manufacturer and search the list of model numbers to locate the unit he wants to convert from R-22 to TdX 20.
  • System Details
    You can easily research what you’re working with. The user can find tonnage, circuit info, refrigerant charge, compressor types and models, metering devices and more.
  • Expert Replacement Instructions
    Every system has different controls that can work differently with blends. Bluon prepared expert instructions tailored to each unit.
  • Original Manuals
    If you need more information on the system you’re working with the Bluon App lets you open the original HVAC manuals right on your phone.

Replacement Toolbox

The toolbox menu offers a growing suite of helpful tools that simplify the users’ tuning and diagnostics job.

  • Subcool & Superheat Calculators
    The user enters the pressure and temperature measurements and the application instantly returns the system Subcool and Superheat values.
  • Nitrogen Pressure Test Tool
    The user can make quick nitro pressure tests. He has to enter the Initial and Final pressures and temperatures to get the test pressure and degree of error.
  • Airflow Calculator
    The user can make quick airflow checks too. He has to just enter the Initial and Final measurements to verify the system is operating at target airflow.
  • Pressure Set Point Tool
    TdX 20 operates at lower pressures, so controls may need to be adjusted. The user has to enter original R-22 set points for Liquid, Discharge, and Suction Lines, and get new ones for TdX 20.
  • Diagnostic Wizard (Beta)
    The application can diagnose 95% of R-22 replacement problems with just a few inputs. Refrigerant overcharge or undercharge, dirty condensers, poor compressors, and more can be rapidly be diagnosed with this tool.

TdX 20 Guides

In-app guides and videos walk you through every step of replacing R-22 with TdX 20, including expanded Best Practices for common procedures.

  • Replacement Overviews
    The application offers a seamless access to quick replacement checklists as well as detailed TdX 20 retrofit video guidelines.
  • Best Practices
    The application offers a growing list of Best Practice guides for common procedures, including:
    • Recovery
    • Evacuation
    • Charging & Tuning
    • Etc.


The support page gets you direct access to the Bluon veteran techs, which are available anytime to help their network of Accredited contractors.


Naim’s take on working hand-in-hand with Bluon: